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The Secret: And How My Thinking has Completely Changed

At the time of this writing, I watched a documentary that many people have told me to check out. Those who have watched it and abide by the film’s essential message swear by it, and it turns out that the most successful people knew about this concept and they achieved what they did because of it. The film is “The Secret” and it’s all about using the “law of attraction”, the energy of the universe to get what you want.

In many ways, at least in my opinion, this is a very spiritual message, and as a practicing Buddhist, I see many of the concepts which are applied to the “law of attraction” in the teachings of the Buddha. Was he onto something all those years of ago when he went into homelessness to find a way to end suffering and became enlightened? He may have been. We know that the universe is made up of energy, science has proven this to us. We know that energy cannot be created and that it cannot be destroyed but yet, it is real. The Buddha taught about Karma, which builds up over lifetimes. With each life you live, no matter what being you return as, and without getting too deep into the religious aspects of it, what you come back as is determined by the good or the bad karma of past lives, each being represents a level either of “hell” being insects or the highest levels which are the devas or demigods. Of course, the highest level that can be reached is Nirvana where one is no longer reborn. Why am I bringing this up? Because in my view, the concept of the “law of attraction” is a lot like the idea of Karma on a short term basis. The “law of attraction” says that if you think positive then you will draw positive energy and good things will come, but thinking negative will bring about bad things.

I come from near poverty and know first hand what it’s like to struggle and at times, it gets me down. I’ve always been a very determined individual and I have always thought that I can succeed so long as I never give up. But after watching “The Secret” my whole mindset has changed, there really is no reason to get down, because what does that do? It attracts negative energy and thus brings undesired circumstances. However; if I think positive only good things can come. This week, I was at a job site and got to know one of my coworkers and he swears by this very concept and urged me to watch the film, and since so many people have told me to do so before, I figured this it. I’m going to watch it. And after doing so and talking things over with this person, I came to realize that anything is possible as long as I say so and believe that they are and think positive. I’m now looking into various ways to make money and studying hard for the GRE and all will work out and I’ll be living in my dream home in Bel-Air while teaching college, writing books and making documentaries.

One of the things I took away from the film aside from the essential message was the idea of a Vision Board which is a board that you put things on that you want and envision yourself having them. I have begun my own board and I am adding to it every day.  I encourage you to do this as well and watch the film. It changed my mindset and I feel that the “law of attraction” is very real. Perhaps it will change the way you think as well and get you to where you want to be.