When I was eight years old, I picked up a pen and never stopped writing. It has been my lifelong dream to be a successful author and journalist but life, college, and relocation pushed that dream to the back burner for a time, I’m back at it and looking to make my mark.

This particular blog is for random topics, advice as I gain the wisdom to offer it, and life.

Biography: I was born June 29, 1987, in Chicago, IL and grew up in rural western Illinois. As I child I was bullied and picked on and grew up in a lower-middle-class single parent home and in order to cope with life’s hardships, I found a love for literature, especially Science Fiction which with writing became my outlet. Upon completing high school, I moved back to Chicago for eight years and after graduating with my BA in Justice Studies and Political Science I relocated to Southern California where I currently reside. I am finally slowly carving my way into the freelance writing game while completing novels that have sat as drafts for years. I also write one other blog that is strictly for short fiction in hopes of gaining some attention.


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