The Day That You Get to Open Windows again

There have been studies done over the years that claim that indoor allergies are worse than those outdoors. Although I have never doubted this theory; I have come to the personal realization that this very well may be true for this summer, I don’t think I have ever been sick so often. It could be the grass, it may possibly be the pollen from palm trees which supposedly bothers a lot of people, maybe it’s these things and they have made their way into the house, or maybe it’s the dust that accumulates regardless of how often you clean. Whatever the reason, I have been off of my feet often this summer and I believe allergies are to blame.

I’m no stranger to allergies, like most people I’m allergic to the pollen of various plants and certain types of grass. My allergies have never been bad enough to the point where I needed to take any medications, prescription or over-the-counter, I’ve usually been able to deal with them and this remains my strategy even though I have had a difficult time. I have come to the conclusion that it is indeed indoor allergies that are causing me to fall ill so often as of late because when I don’t spend a lot of time at home, which is rare, I usually feel much better.  I also think it could be due to the fact that this has been my first full summer in Southern California and my body is just not used to the types of pollen and other allergy inducers that are present, plus I live in an area which is vast desert, and people here tell me that those who live in this region of the state have more severe allergies than those who live in others. I believe it, and sand is no fun unless it’s on the beach. Trust me.

Living in a desert region is also detrimental to one’s indoor allergies because, all summer long, IT IS HOT! If you don’t have air conditioning in your home, you’re going to cook, and if you don’t have it in your car, you’re going to melt within minutes. It’s terribly brutal. Of course, when the air conditioner is on, the windows must be closed and when they’re closed for months at a time, your home doesn’t get aired out which means that all of those nasty things that cause you to cough, sneeze, whiz, feel tired and nauseous hang around. It’s miserable, I know.

I recall growing up in the Mid-West and one of the best times of the year was when summer turned to fall, of course, that meant that winter was coming but you never thought that far ahead. Fall means cooler weather, changing leaves, and football, minus the changing leaves in Southern California. It also meant getting to open the windows and getting in that fresh air. Today, I got to do just that for the temperature today is 84 degrees and that’s a cold spell considering the heat we have endured this summer and tonight it’s supposed to be even cooler. All afternoon there has been a strong breeze too, perfect for walks and airing out the apartment. All of the windows are open, bringing in fresh air and getting rid of whatever has been floating around indoors all summer and making me feel crumby, now hopefully the screens keep much of those outside pests out.

Things as small as opening the windows for the first time in months can bring somebody happiness and much-needed change to the environment where they spend most of their time, in my case at home. When you spend countless hours in the house writing and making videos, a little fresh air can do you some good whether it’s an open window or a walk, maybe both? Since the windows have been open today, I already feel much better!

Do you have indoor/outdoor allergies? Which do you think is worse? Does fresh air do you good? Leave a comment and let me know!

-Brett T. Mazzoni



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