Anticipating my Life Changing Moment

Just as the young boy in the picture is anticipating Ol’ St. Nick coming down that chimney to bring him toys and goodies, I am anticipating thus far, one of the biggest moments of my life and the biggest risk I have ever taken. A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog titled “Sometimes, you just have to risk it all and go.” That blog was all about my planned move to California to stay with a longtime friend without even having a job lined up. In that blog, I mentioned that I live life by three quotes and one of them is, “Sacrifice everything or accomplish nothing.” That is exactly what I’m doing, going to California to accomplish all of my dreams and goals, one in particular, and I’m willing to risk it all to achieve the goals I have set for myself.

Currently, it is July 20, 2016 10:21 pm CT at the time that I am writing this. At 7 am CT on July 27, 2016 I will begin making that two day trip from Chicago to a town just outside of Los Angeles. My entire life is packed into the back of my 2011 Honda Fit, and I have arranged things in the car so that my cat, Gracie can make the trip with me. The only steps that remain are booking hotels in Colorado and Phoenix and filling the gas tank before I leave. As you can probably imagine, I’m as excited for this journey and this new chapter in my life to begin just as a young child on Christmas Eve knowing that, Santa is coming down that chimney and he/she will have many gifts to open the next morning.

You might be wondering if I’m nervous. You better believe I am, after all, my entire life has been in Illinois. I was born in Chicago, grew up in a small Illinois town and went to college in Chicago, so Illinois and the Midwest is about all I know. The west coast, California especially is a world all its own, but I’m ready for it and I’m ready to adapt. And if I didn’t have a good friend whom I have known since 5th grade and one whom I trusted already living there, I may not be making such a move, at least not without employment lined up. But I’ve been applying for jobs, have a few irons in the fire, and could very possibly get a job with the company my friend works for. Whatever it takes until I apply and get into grad school in California to work towards my PhD. in Political Science and go from there. Even though I am leaving behind family and close friends, I have their support in this move and in all of my endeavors. They know that I’m both passionate and determined and if I fail, I’ll most likely try again until I succeed and if I do fail at any particular goal, it wasn’t because I didn’t try and I certainly gave it everything I had!

I’m anticipating this new chapter, this life changing moment, and this risk as the hours and the days wind down. I am anticipating even more what awaits me in the months and the years to come. I can feel the excitement like electric bolts traveling through my body and I can hardly wait for the 27th to come.

-Brett T. Mazzoni